Buying & Selling Businesses

Are You Considering A Business Sale Or Purchase?

Selling or purchasing a business can be a difficult process. We are able to apply our experience to facilitate a smooth transition whether selling or buying. Our services include Due Diligence, Business Planning and Budgeting/ Forecasting/Finance Applications


An independent valuation provides you with answers to the questions you often need to ask about the value of a business. Am I getting the best price for the sale of my business? Is the asking price too much? We have experience in business valuations and are able to provide you with simple guidelines for evaluating the worth of a business.

We provide business valuations in a wide variety of situations including relationship property settlements, business sales, acquisitions and sell-downs.

We have an expert team who can give you an accurate valuation for your Company or Business in situations where you may be looking to buy, sell or transfer shares or the assets of a Company. We are able to provide both indicative and independent valuations and help give you a fair and accurate view of your Company.

Business Due Diligence

In the build-up to buying a business, it is important to objectively assess the financial performance and position of the business prior to making an unconditional offer. The process of financial due diligence can be a complex process:

  • Have you asked the right questions? How would you know?
  • Do you have enough information to provide comfort that the results are not inflated and are sustainable?
  • Have you considered the impact of the existing owner’s exit needs and taken them into account?
  • Are you able to access information in an efficient timeframe?

If a business opportunity arises and persists throughout the talks. A detailed due diligence is conducted once the involved parties have agreed in the principles of a deal. Once you have purchased a business we can also assist you with

    • In-depth analysis of the system, financial & administrative operations
    • Identifying profit maximization divisions
    • Pointing out loss-making areas
    • Suggesting better ways of doing operations
    • Identify opportunities that add value to our clients business
    • Lead the negotiation process armed with the knowledge of strength weakness
    • Advice & assistance with funding the acquisition
  • Implementation & review of the transition process